Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i miss you

so lately i've been listening to basically nothing but blink-182. that's just what i'm in the mood for. my last.fm weekly chart for last week was insane. so i thought i would spread this madness to here. so i think my favorite of all their albums is their very last one. self-titled or untitled? i'm perfectly fine leaving that question unanswered. this album makes me really sad because clearly their sound was evolving from pop-punk, a sound which in my opinion they perfected, to something a little more grown up. and i love it. maybe someday they'll come back from their "indefinite hiatus." i know i cannot wait.

so now i'm going to share with you my three favorite videos. the first of which is always. this may well be one of my favorite music videos EVER.

second is i miss you:

and lastly adam's song. whenever this song came on at work (i used to work in a fro-yo shop) i would turn the volume up WAY PAST the maximum we were supposed to have it. i'm a bit of a rebel.

now i'm going to share my favorite tracks. three are from their last album and then one each from enema of the state and take off your pants and jacket:

--> i miss you <--
--> always <--
--> all of this <-- (the vocals on this track are by robert smith of the cure)
--> adam's song <--
--> stay together for the kids <--

you can buy all their albums here at amazon.com


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