Monday, December 31, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

sometimes you're better off pretending you feel alright

my friend tyler is in a band called tempo no tempo and they have a new music video, which i now share with you:

you can buy their stuffz here

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

raise up cups of christmas cheer

i haven't updated in forever because of finals. but they're over now. and christmas is almost here. i meant to post so much more christmas music. i have hours and hours! alas, i haven't. but, have no fear! i have for you 'christmas wrapping' by the waitresses

---> christmas wrapping - the waitresses <---

you can buy their best of at amazon here

Friday, December 7, 2007

haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!

i found "i write sins not tragedies" by panic! at the disco on my computer. wtf? so then i wanted to see the video because the lyrics are so ridiculous. and after watching it i realized that it's kind of ripping off "helena" by my chemical romance (which was on tv allll the time the summer between freshman and sophomore year, so i saw it a lot). let's compare and contrast:

panic! at the disco:

my chemical romance:

you decide.

Friday, November 30, 2007

all these things will one day take control

once upon a time the darkness did a cover of radiohead's street spirit [fade out]. i am sharing it now with you.

---> street spirit [fade out] - the darkness <---

Thursday, November 29, 2007

i never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop

firstly, i thought this comic was great

despite my a) wish to someday be hit on in a coffee shop and b) wish to talk to guys occasionally in fsm, recently someone did just that to me and it was really awkward. so i'll probably never actually do that.

ok, now to make this music related, this song by landon pigg that has been all over the t.v. in diamond ads is really pretty.

---> falling in love in a coffee shop - landon pigg <---

you can buy his music here.

it's you! it's me! it's dancing!

last night i saw los campesinos! with the most serene republic at the great american music hall.

they were both pretty much amazing. the show was sadly far less than sold out. however, it made for a nice intimate feel, which is good considering the next time they come out this way i'm sure they're going to sell out a much bigger venue and the fanbase is going to change considerably. i really loved when gareth said that after staying in hollywood for a night they've decided that california really should be split into two states. damn straight

the most serene republic has one of the most eccentric, adorable and awkward frontman i've seen in a looooooong time. &hearts i just wish they'd turned the mic up so we could actually hear what he was saying...

---> it started with a mixx - los campesinos! <---
---> you! me! dancing! - los campesinos! <---
---> sherry and her butterfly net - the most serene republic <---

you can buy los campesinos! ep sticking fingers into sockets here and the most serene republic's lp population here

Monday, November 26, 2007

sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

um, radiohead singing 'winter wonderland'? how can i not share this?

---> winter wonderland - radiohead <---

Sunday, November 25, 2007

that's how you know

so enchanted is insanely adorable. i throughly enjoyed it and even though the songs are typically corny disney songs they are still so cute!

it ain't me

so i saw i'm not there tonight. i really enjoyed it. it was weird. but wonderful.

also, jim james! was in it for a bit, singing the song he recorded with calexico for the soundtrack. we all know how much i love jim james.

---> goin' to acapulco - jim james and calexico <---

you can purchase the soundtrack at insound here

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

bang! bang! goes the night

can we talk for a bit about how much i love jim james and my morning jacket? i saw them at bonnaroo in 2006. they are truly epic. jim james has one of the most pure voices i have ever heard. i wish i'd stayed for their whole set. they started at like 1 am and i stayed for an hour and then got very sleepy. they played for three and a half hours! i also sat on the hill behind the greek theater to hear him play solo in may. &hearts

---> magheetah <---
---> golden (live 10/27/07) <---
---> i will sing you songs <---

you can buy their albums here

we both go down together

i'm having major nostalgia for freshman year. major. i used to be obsessed with brandon flowers, which i attribute to the mr. brightside video:

these are a few tracks from that kind of defined my freshman year:

---> mr. brightside - the killers <---
---> better love - steel train <---
---> finding out true love is blind - louis xiv <---
---> jerk it out - the caesars <---
---> we both go down together - the decemberists <---
---> boulevard of broken songs - green day vs. oasis vs. travis vs. eminem <---

Sunday, November 18, 2007

this is how to host a party

i found some more pictures of the winks so i thought i'd share them. this way you really can see how cute and colorful they are:

---> ohio <---
---> castle in the clouds <---
---> guitar swing <---

you can buy their album birthday party here

i've got silver and i've got gold

ok, so basically la blogotheque is the most amazing site ever. they have these great impromptu videos of bands being awesome. i give you some grizzly bear and some sufjan:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

canadians! scotsman! berkeley! oakland! oh my!

so last night i trekked to mama buzz cafe to see my friend mark and his band mark and collette (i'm told they may be changing their name soon).

there were a few more bands that played too. i'll admit i didn't like one of them, so i have nothing to share about them. but the funz (or whatever their name is--there was some debate) were pretty good. the winks were really good and fun and cute and canadian. this photo doesn't really do their colorful-ness justice (or how incredibly attractive the lead guy was)


---> a little romance (demo) - mark and collette <---
---> in the arms of the robot - the funz <---
---> slumber party let's go - the winks <---

Friday, November 16, 2007

eg hef slegið fjandans nóg

sigur rós released a new ep last week called hvarf-heim. it's two discs, hvarf (which means "disappeared" or "haven" in icelandic) contains studio versions of previously unreleased songs and heim (which means "home" in icelandic) contains acoustic studio versions of songs already released.

sigur rós basically makes the most beautiful music in the world, and this album more than demonstrates that. the album artwork is breathtaking as well:

---> hljómalind <---

---> starálfur <---

---> vaka <---

you can buy it here

i want you to make me cry

i really want to see au revoir simone in concert some day. they recently did a daytrotter session. and it is amazing. daytrotter ilu.

---> sad song <---

---> stars <---

---> stay golden <---

can you feel the knife?

so grizzly bear is easily one of my favorite bands currently making music. i bought their new ep and got it last week. it is pretty much as amazing as i thought it would be. it's got a few new versions of songs from yellow house and some damn good covers by css, band of horses and atlas sound. as well as a truly beautiful recording of dan rossen singing "deep blue sea." apparently it was recorded at his home. his voice is so pure. the album also has a studio version of their cover of the crystal's "he hit me (and it felt like a kiss)" which up til now was only availble as a daytrotter session or live.

thus i give you:

---> he hit me <---

---> knife - css <---

you can buy the ep here. i reallllly want to get it on vinyl!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

safety pins are none too strong katie

so i came home between classes and inside my rolling stone was pete!

also, the audio from the interview. pete's voice is so cute!

and two videos:

acoustic version of "fuck forever" he's got daisies in his hat!

and a cute version of "what katie did"

when routine bites hard and ambitions are low

to celebrate my recent acquisition of a control movie poster from a bulletin board on campus:

i give you some amazing live joy division tracks:

---> love will tear us apart (live at les bains douches, 18 december 1979) <---
---> atmosphere (from substance) <---
---> she's lost control (peel sessions) <---

speaking of peel sessions. i happen to love john peel and some day i hope to buy this book:

rhino records has some great joy division albums (including vinyl!) here.

san francisco is my favorite place in the world, too.

stars is definitely and consisently one of the best live acts i've ever seen. they are so genuinly happy to be playing this music that they love so much and they love sharing it with their audience who love it as much as they do. they played a lot of songs from in our bedroom after the war, which i don't particularly like all that much and set yourself on fire, which i love to death. but they also played some of my older favorites. tonight's version of elevator love letter was so incredible. and they played on peak hill! it was on my list of songs i love that i was sure they wouldn't play.this is definitely a band you shouldn't miss seeing if you can help it.

two songs they played, one they that they didn't

---> elevator love letter <---
---> on peak hill <---
---> the very thing <---

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


synchronize love to the beat of the show

i am contemplating starting a music blog. that no one will read. but i think i might do it. so it will be here, should i decide to go ahead with this.