Thursday, February 26, 2009

sometimes it's like someone took a knife baby edgy and dull and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul

i'm really obsessed with bruce springsteen's i'm on fire from the 1984 album born in the u.s.a.

i currently have it playing on repeat on my record player. and i by repeat i mean i have to physically put the needle back to the beginning after it ends. haha. but it just sounds so lovely on vinyl. i have several versions i'm going to share with you including a cover by kate tucker.

i'm on fire (from born in the u.s.a.)
i'm on fire (from the live 1975-1985 album, recorded august 19, 1985 at giants stadium)
i'm on fire (cousin cole's bad desire remix)
i'm on fire (kate tucker cover)

i sit and wait for everything i can find

the morning benders have done a new daytrotter session (an encore to the one they did last summer).

---> worth the fight (2.24.09 daytrotter session) <---
---> nothin' in this world can stop me worryin' about that girl (2.24.09 daytrotter session) <---
---> why don't they let us fall in love (7.16.09 daytrotter session) <---

i love this band. it was started by fellow uc berkeley alum chris chu a few years ago (go bears!). i remember seeing them play in a tiny little art gallery or something in the mission in early 2006. i liked them right away. in early 2008 my friend (and another cal alum) tim or - aka timothy rabbit - joined the band playing bass.

also new from the morning benders is the recently released grain of salt ep

---> grain of salt <---
---> your dark side <---

here's an older version of grain of salt too.

---> grain of salt (from 3 songs ep) <---

i saw them play at the rickshaw stop in december. they were SO GOOD. they also happen to be playing a noise pop show at slim's on friday. sadly, i'm scheduled to work til late that night so i can't go :( if you're going let me know how it was!

Friday, February 13, 2009

tell me you'll be my lonely valentine

last year i made two mixes for valentine's day. this year i made one.

sadly after i'd closed photoshop i noticed that there are two typos on this graphic. but i'm too lazy to fix it. haha. here's the download link.

here's one song off it in order for this post to get picked up by hypemachine. haha.

---> valentine's day - bruce springsteen <---

Sunday, February 8, 2009

so here i am, are you ready?


i am SO EXCITED about this you have no idea.

---> always <---
---> i miss you <---
---> reckless abandon <---
---> adam's song <---
---> dammit <---

blink-182 official site