Thursday, December 24, 2009

top ten albums of 2009

i've been a little out of it with music this year. but i did manage to scrape together a top ten.

so here goes.

1. veckatimest - grizzly bear

--> two weeks <--

2. wolfgang amedeus phoenix - phoenix

--> girlfriend <--

3. grace/wastelands - peter doherty

--> new love grows on trees <--

4. adventureland ost - various artists

--> don't change - inxs <--

5. new moon ost - various artists

--> possibility - lykke li <--

6. american saturday night - brad paisley

--> american saturday night <--

7. further complications - jarvis cocker

--> caucasian blues <--

8. star trek ost / up ost - michael giacchino

--> labor of love <-- / --> married life <--

9. working on a dream - bruce springsteen

--> the wrestler <--

10. around the well - iron & wine

--> the trapeze swinger <--

Saturday, September 19, 2009

i am a man whose dreams have all deserted

peter gabriel's 1986 album so is quite wonderful. my favorite song on it is a duet with kate bush called don't give up. the video for this song is probably one of the most romantic things i've ever seen.

absolutely perfect.

Monday, June 29, 2009

they say it's your birthday

hey guys so tomorrow is my birthday.

you know what i would like for my birthday? some fundraising help.

last year my mom, my uncle and i all walked in the San Francisco 60 mile, 3 day breast cancer walk. it was amazing. and we’re doing it AGAIN next year. i have to raise $2300 in order to participate.

my aunt Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. she beat it once. in 2007 it came back. she’s still fighting it. also in 2007 my cousin Christine, her daughter, was diagnosed. she’s still fighting. they recently discovered that my cousin Wendy has the gene. So she might get it as well. same with her daughter. and Christine’s two little girls. in fact, after Christine was diagnosed, her 10 year old daughter Samantha asked my uncle Mike if one day she’ll get breast cancer, since her mom and her grandma both have it. that nearly broke his heart

long story short, here’s the link to my donation page.


ps. i promise some posts about my trip to bonnaroo/epic 2-concert grizzly bear weekend soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

you finally found all your courage to let it all go

i love the 80s. i love the music from the 80s. i recently posted a ton of music videos over on my tumblr go check those out.

now here are some of my favorite 80s guys.

robbie grey of modern english

robert smith of the cure

corey hart.

---> i melt with you - modern english <---
---> friday i'm in love - the cure <---
---> sunglasses at night - corey hart <---

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

space is just disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence

so i have seen the new star trek movie an inordinate amount of times *cough* five *cough* and i think it's about time i spread my love of that film to this blog.

the score is by michael giacchino and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

---> labor of love <---
---> enterprising young men <---
---> end credits <---

so if you haven't seen star trek yet get off your ass and gooooooo.

Friday, May 22, 2009

would you always maybe sometimes make it easy

grizzly bear released the video for two weeks today. SO GOOD.

Two Weeks

i can't wait to get my vinyl copy of veckatimest! it should be here any day now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

this is a crisis i knew had to come

ian curtis died 29 years ago today. this man has meant a lot to me for the last few years. joy division has meant a lot to me for the last few years. they are my favorite band. his lyrics are just so pure and so painfully powerful. i'm actually getting a tattoo on thursday with the following lyrics from isolation:

if you could just see the beauty
these things i could never describe

i find these lyrics incredibly moving.

so this post is dedicated to this beautiful man.

---> isolation <---
---> love will tear us apart (peel session) <---
---> atmosphere <---
---> transmission <---
---> passover <---