Tuesday, May 26, 2009

space is just disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence

so i have seen the new star trek movie an inordinate amount of times *cough* five *cough* and i think it's about time i spread my love of that film to this blog.

the score is by michael giacchino and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

---> labor of love <---
---> enterprising young men <---
---> end credits <---

so if you haven't seen star trek yet get off your ass and gooooooo.

Friday, May 22, 2009

would you always maybe sometimes make it easy

grizzly bear released the video for two weeks today. SO GOOD.

Two Weeks

i can't wait to get my vinyl copy of veckatimest! it should be here any day now!

Monday, May 18, 2009

this is a crisis i knew had to come

ian curtis died 29 years ago today. this man has meant a lot to me for the last few years. joy division has meant a lot to me for the last few years. they are my favorite band. his lyrics are just so pure and so painfully powerful. i'm actually getting a tattoo on thursday with the following lyrics from isolation:

if you could just see the beauty
these things i could never describe

i find these lyrics incredibly moving.

so this post is dedicated to this beautiful man.

---> isolation <---
---> love will tear us apart (peel session) <---
---> atmosphere <---
---> transmission <---
---> passover <---

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

and i'll be anything you ask and more, going "hey hey hey hey hey"

one of my favorite new albums for the spring is wolfgang amadeus phoenix from the french band phoenix. it is beautiful and perfect spring time pop music.

my favorite song is definitely "girlfriend" but the whole album is basically perfect. i will be seeing them (along with THE BOSS, grizzly bear and several other bands) at bonnaroo next month. WOO.

---> girlfriend <---
---> lisztomania <---
---> lasso <---

you can pre-order the album here @ insound.