Wednesday, July 9, 2008

love is noise, love is pain

so one of the many sad things about not having the time to post in so long is i didn't have a chance to write about the various concerts i've gone to recently. i saw rogue wave at the fillmore. SO GOOD. they brought out john vanderslice. i saw los campesinos! at bimbo's. those kids really know how to put on a show. i feel like it if they hosted a dance party it would be impossible *not* to have fun. most importantly i saw THE VERVE at the warfield. i waited ten years to see them. they were so good i really have no words.

i have an album of photos i took here.

and now i share with you their badass new single + the video that goes with.

---> love is noise <---

The Verve - Love Is Noise

you can buy their albums here at insound.

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thorattack said...

hi hi..
this is horribly random, but i couldn't find an email so i'm shooting you this message.

i noticed we have similar tastes in music, which is very cool..

i recently recorded a demo, and i'm trying to get feedback from as many people as possible. hypem lists you as a pretty popular blog, so that officially makes you a person to talk to.. :)

hahaha.. anyways.. i have a six song demo and i would love to get your feedback and any advice you might have to promoting.

my myspace is

and if you want to download it it's at -

Anyways.. I really look forward to anything to might have to say.

just email me or myspace.