Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pete doherty iluuuuu

tomorrow is pete's 30th birthday. later this month his new solo album grace/wastelands gets released in the us. it is pretty much amazing.

i was pretty excited when i saw 1939 returning on the tracklist because i have a version of that song i ripped off youtube. it is a lovely, lovely song and the album version is perfection.

--> 1939 returning <--

another rough song i had ripped off youtube was salome. and again the album version is too great.

--> salome <---

here's one more track for good measure. i hadn't heard this one before, but i absolutely adore this song. (it was co-written by carl barât, btw)

--> a little death around the eyes <---

also, he's looking way too adorable in the video for the first single off the album, last of the english roses.

you can pre-order the album here @


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