Monday, June 29, 2009

they say it's your birthday

hey guys so tomorrow is my birthday.

you know what i would like for my birthday? some fundraising help.

last year my mom, my uncle and i all walked in the San Francisco 60 mile, 3 day breast cancer walk. it was amazing. and we’re doing it AGAIN next year. i have to raise $2300 in order to participate.

my aunt Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. she beat it once. in 2007 it came back. she’s still fighting it. also in 2007 my cousin Christine, her daughter, was diagnosed. she’s still fighting. they recently discovered that my cousin Wendy has the gene. So she might get it as well. same with her daughter. and Christine’s two little girls. in fact, after Christine was diagnosed, her 10 year old daughter Samantha asked my uncle Mike if one day she’ll get breast cancer, since her mom and her grandma both have it. that nearly broke his heart

long story short, here’s the link to my donation page.


ps. i promise some posts about my trip to bonnaroo/epic 2-concert grizzly bear weekend soon.

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