Sunday, December 28, 2008

movie soundtracks 2k8

i love movie soundtracks. i wasn't so on top of them this year as in pervious years. i do want to discuss three of them; one score that i love, one soundtrack that i love and one soundtrack that is terrible but has one absolutely amazing song on it.

firstly, my love for hans zimmer knows no bounds. his score for frost/nixon is so beautiful.

---> the numbers - hans zimmer <---

the good soundtrack is tropic thunder. it is amazing and chock full of songs i've always loved, and some guilty pleasures too. it also has a few songs i've never heard before that are wonderful.

---> the name of the game (the crystal method's big a** t.t. mix) - the crystal method <---

and now the soundtrack that is terrible: twilight. (we won't get into the movie itself. haha. i may have loved it but i'll never tellll). the soundtrack, which made bank, is filled with mediocre rock songs. actually, it's the kind of stuff i would have liked in high school (for shame) so i guess i can see how it made so much money. it does, however, have one shinning light, namely iron & wine.

---> flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine <---

how the music producers convinced sam beam to put his song on this shitty soundtrack i will never understand.

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Brian Ball said...

Thank you for TCM Mix! Looking forward to learning more via your blog! Peas & Luv - Primate King (Brian)