Thursday, February 26, 2009

i sit and wait for everything i can find

the morning benders have done a new daytrotter session (an encore to the one they did last summer).

---> worth the fight (2.24.09 daytrotter session) <---
---> nothin' in this world can stop me worryin' about that girl (2.24.09 daytrotter session) <---
---> why don't they let us fall in love (7.16.09 daytrotter session) <---

i love this band. it was started by fellow uc berkeley alum chris chu a few years ago (go bears!). i remember seeing them play in a tiny little art gallery or something in the mission in early 2006. i liked them right away. in early 2008 my friend (and another cal alum) tim or - aka timothy rabbit - joined the band playing bass.

also new from the morning benders is the recently released grain of salt ep

---> grain of salt <---
---> your dark side <---

here's an older version of grain of salt too.

---> grain of salt (from 3 songs ep) <---

i saw them play at the rickshaw stop in december. they were SO GOOD. they also happen to be playing a noise pop show at slim's on friday. sadly, i'm scheduled to work til late that night so i can't go :( if you're going let me know how it was!

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