Monday, February 4, 2008

curious talk at the fotomat

i went record shopping yesterday and bought two albums i'd been lusting after and two albums on a whim. the two i bought on purpose were descended like vultures and asleep at heaven's gate both by rogue wave. then i stumbled across a bootleg of libertines songs called another boy, another planet that i just had to purchase. it had various live versions of songs plus some tracks from the babyshambles sessions--including adam green of the moldy peaches doing a cover of "what a waster." so then i also bought wincing the night away by the shins even though i'd only heard one song. it was a damn good song so i thought i'd be impulsive. it was worth it.

---> 10:1 - rogue wave <---
---> fantasies - rogue wave <---

---> what a waster - adam green (libertines cover) <---

---> sleeping lessons - the shins <---

you can buy rogue wave's descended like vultures here and asleep at heaven's gate here, you can get libertines music here and the shins' wincing the night away here

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