Sunday, February 3, 2008

now that i've realised how it's all gone wrong

...gotta find some therapy, this treatment takes too long.

"This sounds awful but it was only after Ian died that we sat down and listened to the lyrics," says Morris. "You'd find yourself thinking, 'Oh my God, I missed this one.' Because I'd look at Ian's lyrics and think how clever he was putting himself in the position of someone else. I never believed he was writing about himself. Looking back, how could I have been so bleedin' stupid? Of course he was writing about himself. But I didn't go in and grab him and ask, 'What's up?' I have to live with that. Watching the film, there were moments when I wished I could have stepped into the film. Unfortunately, you can't."

"We never really listened to Ian's lyrics, to be honest," agrees Sumner. "At least, we never sat there and analysed them. It's a bit like reading your friend's letters, I suppose. But when he died, I did go through his lyrics and find myself thinking, 'Oh, God.' You look at it through a different filter because of what happened."



i recently bought unknown pleasures on vinyl. it is definitely one of the best albums ever. i think it may have the best opening track i've ever heard, thus i am sharing it with you now.

---> disorder <---

rhino records has some great joy division albums (including vinyl!) here.


aer suzuki said...

sad...thanks for making 'disorder' available, i'm an old joy division fan and have recently been looking for modern bands who have a similar sound. i've given up. they were seriously one of a kind...thanks.

burgers said...

this really is one fo the best opening tracks ever