Thursday, November 15, 2007

san francisco is my favorite place in the world, too.

stars is definitely and consisently one of the best live acts i've ever seen. they are so genuinly happy to be playing this music that they love so much and they love sharing it with their audience who love it as much as they do. they played a lot of songs from in our bedroom after the war, which i don't particularly like all that much and set yourself on fire, which i love to death. but they also played some of my older favorites. tonight's version of elevator love letter was so incredible. and they played on peak hill! it was on my list of songs i love that i was sure they wouldn't play.this is definitely a band you shouldn't miss seeing if you can help it.

two songs they played, one they that they didn't

---> elevator love letter <---
---> on peak hill <---
---> the very thing <---

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